This blog was published in 2015 and is now outdated content. Click here to visit our blog home page with the latest WhereScape content.

WhereScape 3D is an advanced data modeling software solution from WhereScape. It helps in the exploration and understanding of a data project from the beginning, significantly reducing project risk and providing critical insight to the project team.

WhereScape 3D assists in accurately setting expectations about project cost, duration and complexity, it helps organizations to understand the unique characteristics of the environment, so they can be factored into the planning process. Using WhereScape 3D organizations can quickly assemble highly-specific implementation plans which can be shared across the organization.

Traditionally the transition from design to development phases has been challenging for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing projects. No Longer. WhereScape has built new integration between our much-loved Data Warehouse Automation software WhereScape RED and 3D which allows customers to rapidly promote their designs off the drawing board and into the real world.

Using 3D to profile their data sources and discover data issues early ensures that customer projects and designs represent data reality, maximizing the probability of a successful and smooth implementation. The rapid model and design features of 3D allow customers to quickly model their data into a design ready for consumption by Business Intelligence tools and business users. With 3D’s detailed documentation features it’s easy for IT to present models and designs to business users in a form that is easily understandable making approval and sign-off much simpler.

Once a design has been approved the model designer using the 3D integration with RED can produce a RED Builder Model that is compatible with their Data Warehouse, be it Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata or DB2. Loading the 3D design into RED is as simple as using the existing RED Application load process which is very familiar to all RED Developers and Administrators, meaning no additional skills or training is required.

Once the design has been imported into RED then RED Developers can get about the business of plugging in the data and getting the solution ready for prime time safe in the knowledge the design has stakeholder approval.

When customers take advantage of 3D/RED integration  the typical benefits for projects are:

  • Designs and documentation is maintained in a single repository with smooth integration into the development environment
  • Identification of data source complexity so it is understood in advance, allowing the team to adjust plans and de-risk the project
  • Business stakeholders are empowered. Project managers and BA’s feel in control and developers have a reduced workload
  • Reduced development re-work due to accurate designs
  • Improved solution fit to business requirements leading to increased business uptake
  • Accurate project documentation, for governance, funding or internal communications

Take advantage of the benefits 3D can bring to your RED environment today.