The tech industry is notorious for the underrepresentation of women. In New Zealand, less than 30% of the workforce is female. We believe that the gender imbalance issue can be addressed by providing more technology education options and creating a positive image of the sector among girls.

As a leading New Zealand technology company we need to step up and make a difference. As well as offering support to the Fantail Network, internships and digital tech prizes, this year WhereScape has teamed up with Diocesan School for Girls to support the SingularityU New Zealand’s Find Your Billion programme.

Find Your Billion is a free workshop for students aged 13-19 that helps them to develop a greater awareness of technology and how it can be used to tackle the world’s major challenges. Workshop participants will be empowered to think about and utilise technology as a tool that can positively affect billions of lives.

To find out more about Find Your Billion, have a look at

By offering our support, WhereScape is proud to be supporting future tech talent, helping to promote entrepreneurship and digital technology in New Zealand schools and encouraging more girls to choose tech as a career.