WhereScape issued a press release on Monday detailing how West Virginia Network (WVNET), the state’s higher education service organization, used WhereScape RED to successfully rebuild an Oracle based data warehouse in 90 days. WVNET will now use WhereScape’s data automation software to roll out tailored data warehouses to 21 state colleges and universities.

Back to those first 90 days. In that time, WVNET reviewed and reverse-engineered, debugged, and rebuilt its data warehouse and 50 critical reports from scratch. WVNET used WhereScape to import data from student and financial source systems, apply processing rules to the data and publish the results to WVNET’s Oracle data marts. “WhereScape has accelerated and amplified our output by orders of magnitude,” said WVNET’s Dana Keith. “A week of development in our prior environment can now be done in 30 minutes using WhereScape RED.”

The real story here is that WVNET achieved these stunning results with a staff of two, only one of whom had previous Oracle experience. That is the beauty of WhereScape RED. The software contains more than 10 years of data warehouse development best practices for Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata, Netezza and Greenplum targets that make superstars out of your development staff, small or large.

WhereScape is making great inroads in serving the higher education market. Cornell University, Empire State College, University of Mary, University of Washington and Weber State, to name just a few, have recently selected WhereScape to assist in their data warehouse development and management efforts. A common thread among all these great institutions is that with WhereScape, they are doing more with less budget and staff and delivering value faster to stakeholders faster.

Time to value. Some companies talk about it. WhereScape time and time delivers. Stay tuned to hear about more WhereScape customer successes.