The event brought together specialists from across the thriving tech sector to share insights on the use of big data in business analytics and decision-making. 

Despite the rapidly - growing value of data in improving productivity, many small to medium businesses in New Zealand still avoid investing into data planning and specialised talent.  Their resistance to change might result in them being left behind in the never-ending race to success.

Adopting a big data approach, however, will not be easy without the right resources and support. Chief Executive of WhereScape, Michael Whitehead, a member of the expert panel at the event, said: "Companies are moving into spaces that they're not very good in and trying to do it yourself is hard." 

If their transition into data-driven decision making is done right, organisations will be able to gain a competitive edge they didn’t have before.

The experts also underlined the importance of cooperation between businesses and education providers to make sure there is enough talent to fill the roles in big data and analytics.

You can check out the highlights of the event in this video.