There’s nothing better than receiving an unsolicited appreciation email or WhereScape review from a customer to validate that the work you do is helping others. At WhereScape, we’re driven by the mission to empower IT teams through data infrastructure automation to deliver impactful data and repeatable business value faster, with less risk, cost and hassle. This recent email from Cecil Jones, Manager IT for Valmont Industries, Inc. is an example of what propels our WhereScape team forward each day, working to make it easier for data warehousing teams to deliver more.

Dear WhereScape,

I wanted to let you know about a “win” that we had recently with WhereScape RED. We have engaged an off-shore group to help us move a couple of our legacy information marts into a common architecture with Microsoft SQL Server as our target data platform. During the process, the off-shore team identified 90 tables that were being used from our data source systems for our legacy processes.

The off-shore team is versed in SSIS and Transact SQL and were estimating their work based on the utilization of these tools. After they identified the tables and scoped the work to move these tables via SSIS to SQL Server, the effort was estimated at six “man weeks” or 240 hours of effort to get the work done. This was just the effort to move data. No logic to transform the data to information marts.

My team sat in on the presentation and immediately noted that we could do the work with WhereScape RED.  They lined up the work and in three hours one person had moved all 90 tables! WOW!  This freed up our off-shore team to move to the next phase of analyzing the business logic behind the build of the information marts.

I couldn’t let this HUGE win pass without letting you and your team know what an impact WhereScape is having on our ability to deliver work.

Cecil Jones, Manager IT, Valmont Industries, Inc.

Thank you, Cecil, for sharing your team’s recent success in using WhereScape data warehouse automation for Microsoft SQL Server to fast-track your team’s data warehouse development efforts.

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