WhereScape now counts dozens of higher education institutions that are using our integrated solutions for automating the planning, designing, building, documenting and development and managing of data warehouse, business intelligence and big data environments.  Most are operating with limited staffs and budgets, and all are seeking to expedite access to and gain additional insights from the wide variety of student, financial and donor data.  

WhereScape’s automation solutions eliminate hand coding and custom design which can slow down projects and drive up costs.  WhereScape enables higher education institutions large and small to work at the speed of the university’s business—making changes quickly and frequently with agility to meet ever-evolving business and technical requirements.  WhereScape use cases in higher education range from green screen development of new data warehouses to migrating to WhereScape from a discontinued data integration tool, to name just two. 

Cornell University, one of the nation’s premier colleges, successfully migrated from IBM’s discontinued Cognos Data Manager to WhereScape RED for moving data into Cornell’s Oracle data warehouse. Cornell now uses WhereScape RED to automate and standardize much of their Oracle data warehouse development while leveraging WhereScape’s ELT architecture and the Oracle database for improved performance.  Cornell was also attracted to WhereScape’s developer-based pricing model versus the per CPU based model pricing of most competitors.

To learn more about Cornell’s work to automate development of its Oracle data warehouse environment with WhereScape, watch this short video, read the case study, or watch a webinar replay featuring Cornell Data Warehouse Manager Jeff Christen.

Colorado Christian University (CCU) used WhereScape RED for SQL Server to develop and deploy a new data warehouse on time and on budget.  The new warehouse enabled CCU to deliver enterprise level reporting and business value to the University in less than 100 days with a team of three.  CCU utilizes WhereScape RED to automate repetitive development tasks that help ensure data consistency and to implement WhereScape’s SQL Server development best practices.  

Check out this webinar replay with CCU Business Intelligence Manager Kevin McNamara to learn how CCU deployed and manages a fully documented, metadata-driven SQL Server data warehouse that is receiving high praise from University officials for its data-driven approach to reporting and analytics.  

If you are interested in learning more about our higher ed success stories and how WhereScape can help you reduce their development backlog without adding staff, send me an email at [email protected] or give me a call at (503) 754-1919. Look forward to hearing from you.