8.6.1 Release Blog

WhereScape RED 8.6.1 and WhereScape 3D 8.6.2 are available to download for WhereScape users. Both have experienced major updates since the last release and we’ll go over the significant features below.

WhereScape RED 8.6.1

The first major release of 2021, WhereScape RED 8.6.1 introduces expanded data source browsing capabilities. It enables any data source type to be browsed and ingested into your data warehouse, as long as your sources have Windows scriptable APIs or command-line tools available. Examples of source types made available by this feature are REST/SOAP Services, JDBC, Cloud-Based Storage, JSON/XML/ARVO, and many more.

Configurations for commonly requested sources will be made available in WhereScape Enablement Packs in the future. Keep an eye out for those as they are released.

In addition to expanded data source browsing capabilities, WhereScape RED 8.6.1 introduces configurable UI components for Column-level metadata.  It opens up the storage and retrieval of column-level user-defined metadata such as column collation, GDPR flags, and index inclusion flags.

Additional release information can be found in the WhereScape RED 8.6.1 Release Notes

WhereScape 3D 8.6.2

WhereScape 3D 8.6.2 has a number of enhancements made since the previous release. This includes a number of Model Conversion Rule improvements, updated Business Vault Design, and more.

The model conversion ruler improvements include improved shared repository performance. The three mains that were improved were Model Conversion, Advanced Copy and Model Deletion. You can prepare a stage model and a load model to prepare for the Data Vault. 

For Business Vault, two new wizards were added, one for generating PIT (Point-in-time) tables and one for generating Bridge tables. You can choose which attributes, which hub and links are used to drive the PIT or Bridge Table. Then, WhereScape 3D will guide you through choosing which attribute you want with the desired relationships.

WhereScape 3D’s final update includes PostgreSQL, and updated Java Support libraries. All new installations will be using the latest version of PostgreSQL. You can check out the full updates in the WhereScape 3D 8.6.2 Release Notes.