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Canadian National Railway Company

The Canadian National Railway Company (CN), the largest railway in Canada, uses WhereScape RED’s automated and iterative rapid prototyping capabilities to provide a game-changing approach to Netezza data warehouse development, as CN strives to deliver better customer service and safety.


Every organization is facing various degrees of Shadow IT within business units who are driven to deliver point solutions to the business faster than IT typically delivers. CN is no different - so the company looked to revamp its agile development processes to align with the speed of the business.


CN IT redefined its BI Strategy, strongly highlighting the need to have the ability to serve data much faster for analysis, ad-hoc or discovery purposes without jeopardizing its long term Netezza-based enterprise informational ecosystem.  To aid in delivering its BI initiatives, CN introduced WhereScape RED’S automated and iterative rapid prototyping capabilities which enabled a revolutionary game changing approach to CN agile development.


WhereScape RED now enables CN to spec out requirements much quicker and earlier.  In addition, their environment is now very easy to evolve and change - with the overall lifecycle managed quickly and more efficiently. After using WhereScape RED for just one week, CN had integrated multiple data sources, had Tableau working on top of it, and were showing business users a demo with actual CN data in a very iterative development approach.  The ability to iterate - delivering close to what the business is looking for - delivering the findings and then iterating again, engages everybody in IT and the business, enabling them to react very quickly and respond to the business exponentially faster.

The Canadian National Railway Company, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, serves Canada and the Midwestern and Southern USA. The company is the largest railway in Canada, in terms of both revenue and the physical size of its rail network.  Today, CN owns and maintains more than 20,000 route miles of track and employs approximately 22,000 people.

Going from waterfall to agile is one thing, but using WhereScape’s rapid, iterative prototyping capabilities with agile is really a quantum leap forward - from evolutionary to revolutionary.

Alain Bond Business Intelligence Manager, Canadian National Railway Company

Alain Bond - Canadian National Railway Company