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General Cable

A team of three – one from WhereScape and two from General Cable NZ – redesigned General Cable NZ’s existing warehouse with amazing results.

The Challenge

Soaring copper prices were skewing sales analysis figures, so the company wanted to view sales by volume as well as by dollar value. Users also wanted to implement sophisticated reorder point analysis to shave thousands of dollars off inventory levels, and business users needed to be able to specify and run their own reports.

The Solution

WhereScape RED enabled General Cable to prototype the enhancement of an existing Oracle data warehouse. The team redeveloped key components in just three weeks and enabled business users to give input right through the design process.

The Benefit

General Cable significantly reduced inventory and rationalized the distribution chain. Bottlenecks for report requests were eliminated, and users now have accurate reporting across multilevel products. Overall, less time and cost is needed to maintain the data warehouse.

General Cable is a company based in Highland Heights, Kentucky, in the United States, with sales offices and manufacturing facilities in several countries that manufacture and distribute copper, aluminum, and optical fiber cables, for energy, communications, and other industries. In 2013, General Cable was ranked by Fortune Magazine as the 425th largest U.S. public company with $4.865 billion in revenue. General Cable employs over 11,700 people.