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Jersey Electricity

Using data warehouse automation software from WhereScape, Jersey Electricity built a new data warehouse that improved customer engagement by providing customers with accurate energy usage information from new Smart Meters.

The Challenge

Traditional meters were to be replaced by Smart Meters that automatically transmit readings and interval data to 650 local data concentrators situated around the Island, every 3 hours or on demand. Jersey Electricity wanted to automate Smart Metering – from data collection through to information publishing.

The Solution

Jersey Electricity used WhereScape RED to bring together data from a variety of sources, store more than 1 billion readings annually, refresh the data on a daily basis, publish the data to a customer portal and Jersey Electricity departments, and fully document the process.

The Benefit

Using WhereScape RED, Jersey Electricity developed, documented, and released the new data warehouse in just 22 days. The new data warehouses enables Jersey Electricity to offer its customers accurate energy usage information, resulting in much higher levels of customer engagement.

Jersey Electricity is a vertically integrated power utility dealing in the importation, generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. It is the sole supplier of electricity in Jersey, serving around 50,000 domestic and commercial customers. Non-energy businesses include retail, building services, IT, environmental engineering, and property.

We have found that RED is as flexible as we had hoped it would be and that WhereScape have been an excellent partner.

Gary Parsons Manager, Jendev