Larry H Miller Sports & EntertainmentLarry H Miller Sports & Entertainment

The challenge

Operating many distinct businesses, including the NBA's Utah Jazz, retail, MegaPlex movie theaters, and minor league baseball and basketball teams, Larry H Miller Sports & Entertainment (LHMSE) once ran multiple data platforms including Amazon Redshift, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and unique ERP, CRM, loyalty and web software. As a result, the organization was challenged to consolidate information across its entities and deliver the analytics that would help business leaders better understand LHMSE customers. Additionally, silos of knowledge were occurring within the IT organization, with little consistency in approach.

The solution

Shortly after a consolidation of IT operations, LHMSE launched a project to migrate its diverse set of data assets into a single Teradata cloud data warehouse. With two developers, LHMSE looked to WhereScape automation® for Teradata to help fast-track the design, development, deployment and operation of a new cloud data warehouse. Integrating 60+ source systems and creating 763 load tables within one year’s time, LHMSE was able to deliver a new single version of truth. The organization now has better insight into a single entity and across all entities to make the decisions that drive customer wins.

Larry H Miller Sports & Entertainment

One of our guiding principles is analytics is greater than engineering. We look for tools and processes that will enable us to produce analytics faster. Part of the reason we selected WhereScape was to help us iterate faster on projects and spend less time coding.

– Dustin Spangler, VP of Data & Analytics, Larry H Miller Sports & Entertainment


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