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For RetailNous, the optimization of price and promotional spend was the company’s single most powerful profit lever. True optimization, however, required that suppliers and retailers share commercial data.

The Challenge

RetailNous needed a data warehouse development environment that would allow it to change parameters quickly, in order to optimize price and promotional spend.

The Solution

Using WhereScape RED, RetailNous prototyped an enhancement to an existing Oracle data warehouse. WhereScape allowed the business to redevelop key components in just three weeks, quickly giving business users full input right through the design process.

The Benefit

Inventory was reduced and the distribution chain was rationalized. More accurate reporting across multilevel products, and less time and cost is needed to maintain the data warehouse. RetailNous is focused on providing technology platforms and data insights to enable collaboration between retailers and suppliers all over the world. RetailNous has developed systems powered by the cloud. It deploys on mobile and web devices to execute industry best practices in a standardized way across enterprise networks.

Retail Nous uses a shared information platform to create a common set of measures between suppliers and retailers, allowing hundreds of suppliers to interface with their system PromScape -effectively a Data Warehouse with hundreds of source systems.

I needed a data warehouse development environment that would allow me to change parameters at the drop of a hat in response to requests from customers and prospects.

Jason Gordon CEO, RetailNous