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SKYCITY Entertainment Group

SKYCITY leverages WhereScape RED to integrate complex data to provide for an analytics driven business. Working with SKYCITY since 2003, WhereScape has guided the business on a journey to constantly improve and evolve their reporting and business information.

The Challenge

Each part of the SKYCITY business has unique transactional data and their own systems for data management, which makes it difficult to get a clear and accurate overview of what the business is doing without a single view of all the data.

The Solution

Customer and transactional data is collected from multiple touchpoints and is consolidated into the Data Warehouse. From this, automated reporting is generated without any business intervention, enabling data driven decision making.

The Benefit

Data from all SKYCITY business areas is collected automatically and stored in one place. All teams now have access to clear, concise data through customised dashboards. Their reporting is automated and any manual reporting is faster and more accurate. 

SKYCITY Entertainment Group is a New Zealand corporation, which owns and operates casinos in Australasia with annual revenues of over $400 million. The SKYCITY complex in Auckland was built in 1996 and includes hotels, restaurants, bars, a theatre, and a gaming complex.

In the past, we had data, but it was hard to get insights and it was hard to report on. WhereScape came in and helped us to design the data warehouse, and then build one.

Raj Kapadia Head of IT Gaming Operations, SKYCITY

Raj Kapadia, SKYCITY