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Southern Cross Healthcare Group

A new data warehouse built using WhereScape RED is helping leading health insurer, Southern Cross Medical Care Society (Southern Cross) better understand and manage risk, allowing new and existing plans to be costed and managed more efficiently.

The Challenge

Southern Cross’s data warehouse had limitations. Data was only downloaded monthly from Southern Cross’s source mainframe system into the data warehouse. The amount of data downloaded was limited, so not all source data was available for analysis.

The Solution

Using WhereScape RED, a two-stage implementation was delivered on time and on budget. Stage one took one month to build a prototype for customer testing. Stage two took six months to agree on customization and implement the solution.

The Benefit

Data is more accessible and up-to-date, and more information is available to the business. Data can be drilled down to a low level to identify significant factors that drive claims costs. .

Southern Cross Healthcare Group is a private provider of health and social care services, predominantly through the provision of care centers for elderly and some younger people. The group is the largest provider of care homes and long-term care beds in the United Kingdom, operating over 750 care homes, more than 37,000 beds, and employing around 41,000 staff.