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Tesco, the second largest retailer in the world, used WhereScape’s data warehouse automation software to reengineer its Teradata enterprise data warehouse and create an integrated reporting application for global promotions in just six months, smashing the previous three-year development forecast.

The Challenge

In response to new business challenges and opportunities, Tesco needed a global view of its data to coordinate management information. However, a review of Tesco’s management information systems found that there were more than 100 sandboxes where data was dumped, resulting in 20 terabytes of duplicate data.

The Solution

Instead of using a traditional waterfall development approach, Tesco decided to renovate its data warehouse using an agile development approach and data warehouse automation from WhereScape. Using WhereScape automation software, Tesco put a working solution in front of business users every four weeks to deliver business value continually throughout the development process.

The Benefit

WhereScape enabled quick turnarounds for trying and testing alternatives. The Tesco teams used WhereScape software to rapidly model a concept, generate DDL code, and test the physical structure to determine its workability, while documenting the entire process. 

The six-month project has now been completed, smashing the previous three-year forecast by using agile development to overhaul each data warehouse business area in ‘sprints’.

Andy Ruckley Head of Technology: Data & Information Platforms, Tesco PLC