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Swiss Data Day


November 8, 2017


Lausanne, Switzerland

About the Event

This year’s theme is: “What is at stake for your data in the digital transformation?”

Visit the Swiss Data Day to learn how top companies are using the latest data technologies to solve common problems of digital transformation. The end goal of a digital strategy is to offer simple, real-time online customer services, but the work that goes on behind the scenes to make this happen is often complex and involves a transformation of working methods and attitudes as well as the supporting technology.

WhereScape Activities

Adrian Wyss, an independent consultant that helped implement WhereScape at Swiss electricity producer and distributer CKW, will describe how data automation transformed working methods at the company in his speaking slot at Swiss Data Day.

Automation is a bedrock of any Agile initiative, and enables teams to work iteratively using Scrum methodologies. This story is a great example of how certain software can free us to evolve outdated working methodologies.

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