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TDWI Anaheim Conference


August 8-9, 2017


Anaheim, CA

Event Details

Modernize. Analyze. Visualize.

It is the age of analytics, and the rise of self-service is upon us. Organizations everywhere are scrambling to control the data chaos and gain high-value insights through analytics. The question is how do we leverage these capabilities for enterprise-wide success? By modernizing architectures and storage, implementing effective governance practices, bringing data science into the enterprise, or embarking on a new self-service initiative—these are just some of the many important factors to becoming a successful data-driven organization.

TDWI Anaheim provides in-depth, actionable education covering all of the most important topics in analytics to take your projects and organization to the next level. Walk away understanding the key skills for success with self-service, data governance, a modern data infrastructure, and best practices for data visualization and storytelling. The time is now to take your organization beyond simply data-driven to become a truly insight-driven enterprise.

WhereScape Activities

Come see WhereScape at Booth #200. And be sure to attend our hands-on lab “Accelerate Development with WhereScape Data Warehouse Automation” on August 8 at 7:00 pm. You’ll experience the power of data warehouse automation and agile development first-hand. Build an end-to-end, fully functioning and fully documented data warehouse in less than 2 hours. Limited to 40 participants, with food and drink provided.

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