In light of IT Pro Day 2021, industry experts comment on what it means to be an IT professional, the hurdles they face and overcome, and how all businesses can give these employees the recognition they deserve

The job of IT professionals over the past 18 months has not been an easy one. They have almost single-handedly had to pivot the entire security strategies of global organisations in order to accommodate the new hybrid workforce and protect users from the ever-changing threat landscape. This has meant dealing with and transferring enormous amounts of data, a task that has been further complicated by Brexit. Over the past year, it is undeniable that IT professionals have stepped up to the mark and attempted to support us in every way possible, and for that, we must be grateful.

It professional no longer support the business, they more-or-less run it. This move towards the spotlight however has resulted in increased complexity in the role and the control of data. “Capturing that data has become increasingly complex because it resides everywhere, in different formats, explains Terry Mooney, Solutions Architect at WhereScape.

“And even when the data is curated, what needs to happen to that data in order to deliver business value? This is where solutions architects come into their own,” he adds – “bridging the gap between business and technical stakeholders. As data shapes the world, solutions architects are growing in demand. They stand at the crossroads of the technical vision and the business needs of an organisation, designing and managing technology solutions to solve business problems.”

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