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More than just data analytics, more than just big data insight, more than just the ability to handle new streams of raw unstructured data and more than just knowing how to drive a database while blindfolded, data scientists have to understand business and be flexible super-performers. So what core attributes make a good data scientist?

WhereScape features in this article penned by:

  • Adrian Bridgwater A technology journalist with over two decades of press experience. He is a news analysis writer dedicated to a software application development and is also an analyst, technology evangelist and content consultant.
  • Simon Asplen-Taylor An interim chief data officer (CDO) and founder at data analytics advisory company Datatick. He has previously served at casino and online gaming company Rank Group where he and his team have made use of WhereScape technologies for data science centric work, using WhereScape’s data warehouse automation & big data software.

It describes the 7 habits of good data scientists:

  1. Ain't no homogeneity
  2. Data is a business thing
  3. Data scientists are experimental
  4. This is cowboy (person) country
  5. The governator factor
  6. Clear and present process
  7. Company-wide mentality

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