2VERSION provides a seamless, quick and efficient process to enable source code versioning of WhereScape RED environments. Their solution allows the usage of any code versioning tool with WhereScape RED by creating JSON files. This is enabling functions like history tracking, branching, merging, continuous integration and more. For the deployment 2Version creates WhereScape RED WST deployment packages based on your versioned source code. This allows you to use CI/CD pipelines to mitigate risks and speed up production, manage deployments through delta packages in the exact state of the system. It offers traceability, preserves robust audit trails and lots more.

2VERSION was developed by the Swiss company 2BIT GmbH. Our vision is to facilitate the daily work of our customers with intelligent, sustainable IT solutions. In order to be able to offer holistic advice, we employ specialists from the fields of software development, business intelligence and consulting. 

For more information, please visit www.2BIT.ch.