Compassites is a software company focused on creating game-changing digital experiences to help customers succeed and move forward with digital, multi-channel technology agnostic solutions. Compassites has successfully built and delivered over 100+ products and incubated more than 20 start-ups. As part of their digital strategy offering, Compassites helps customers gain insight into their businesses and monetize value by bringing the right sense to the underlying data in a given enterprise. Compassites engineers enable customers to adopt the Agile BI model in their data journey while strictly adhering to data governance policies so that their businesses can trust the data and make informed decisions. iCharts, a data visualization platform built by Compassites, is being used by Fortune 1000 companies. From small data to big data needs, Compassites sets the roadmap for business leaders to make informed and timely decisions in a dynamically changing economy. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, India and with global offices in Singapore, Zurich, Spain, and USA.

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