FourPoints Business Intelligence is an independent business intelligence and data warehousing company based in the Netherlands with over 25 professionals. We help medium and large companies to set up, improve and maintain their management information provisioning, ranging from strategic advice to the development of BI and data warehouse components. We do that in four different ways; BI architecture advice, BI consultancy, BI projects and BI Cloud services (Xero).

We are the guide in the large and versatile landscape of BI and data warehousing; we design, we build and maintain best-fit BI solutions on a project basis, and we provide assistance when there is a temporary shortfall on BI skills and resources. Business intelligence and data warehousing is our drive for over 20 years now. Our skills and passion for BI and data warehousing enabled us to become a respectful BI partner in the Netherlands for national and international companies and made us successful by enabling our customers to get more of a grip on the business.

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