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Big Data Solutions

Automating the integration of enterprise and big data

Fully managing Apache HiveTM big data environments through a data automation platform, WhereScape RED is data warehouse and big data automation software for building, deploying and renovating your analytic solutions whatever the size of your data. 

Centralizing development of the entire decision support infrastructure into one integrated platform and toolset, with WhereScape RED for big data there is no need to license separate ETL, data integration or data modeling tools, and because WhereScape RED supports industry standard SQL, you can leverage your existing resources and training rather than having to rely on tool or platform-specific expertise.


WhereScape RED for big data - supporting the integration of enterprise and big data


  • Speeds up big data development

  • Supports the integration of enterprise and big data

  • Builds data lakes and big data platforms using standard open source projects, e.g., Hive, Sqoop

  • Automates ingestion of data into Apache HiveTM

  • Builds standard database and big data components – no black box

  • Automated document generation for data scientists, big data engineers, and end users

  • Big data platform and scheduler integration ensure ease of use and up-to-date information

  • Open and integrated metadata across both big data and enterprise solutions

  • Supports agile and iterative development best practices