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Consulting Services

Our consulting approach is built on the following principles:

  • Always starting by understanding where the value lies
  • Having a clear understanding of the business problems and the desired outcomes for business users
    • focusing on the beginning of the story, not how the reports will look
    • understanding the unique issues and challenges
    • understanding your key success criteria for each project
  • Obtaining strong executive, stakeholder and user sponsorship and involvement meaning better outcomes
  • Start working with and understanding the data as soon as we can involving the data experts and users early to discuss the data, successes and potential issues
  • Keeping it simple wherever possible
  • Managing projects tightly but staying as flexible as possible (data always brings surprises)
  • Minimizing the impact on the source system
  • Ensuring excellent project management practices
  • Using an iterative prototype based design approach
    • effective communication
    • managing the project scope wherever possible (considering there will be surprises)
    • sound financial management
    • team management and engagement
    • delivering in iterations and in stages, and not delivering in one ‘big bang’ phase
  • Designing the storage independently from the access building for reuse enabling self-service while providing as many guard rails as required


A good start is more than half the race. Now Consulting’s advice is to start now and start right. When you want to make something new it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the future vision of your idea. You can easily become paralyzed by over-planning. You often need much less to begin than you might think. Now Consulting understand that delivering value early provides your business sponsors the confidence needed to make additional investment.

Now Consulting provide current state assessment and requirement gathering activity that feeds into a pragmatic and iterative delivery roadmap. In our experience all too often what is missing from a data driven project is urgency and the ability to transform deliverables into action. Therefore we will show you simply how we can guide you to value and insight quickly. Our primary focus is to iteratively guide, develop and grow your business intelligence environment to be fully aligned with your business objectives and flexible enough to quickly keep up with your changing requirements.


It’s not just subject matter experts that you need, it’s also technical resources. Do you have internal capability, can your team identify what solution needs to be built? We are here to help. This is Now Consulting’s core offering. We have a track record of delivering on some of the most complex business intelligence projects in the country. We set realistic expectations up front, and then strive to exceed them. We start with agreeing a strategy and approach. No two customers are the same and Now Consulting have been delivering business intelligence solutions long enough to know how to deliver real value. We are thought leaders,we invest to stay at the forefront of the industry, and we actively look to leverage this knowledge for our customers.

Our methodology and delivery framework is built on experience. Our consultants have experience delivering end to end solutions that encompass data warehousing, reporting, dashboards, scorecards, performance management, prediction, and more.


Do you have in-house expertise to utilize the latest technologies and capabilities to effectively build out a solution? Choosing Now Consulting to work in partnership with your internal BI team allows training and upskilling to occur as a solution is built and delivered. Now Consulting work side by side with your team helping them learn as we deliver solutions enabling their growth and promoting their professional development at an individual level. Support comes from the Now Consulting peers within the group providing exposure to multiple levels of expertise and knowledge. As part of the delivery team we provide information sharing, advice, support, coaching, and empowerment of individuals to greater competency.

The key success criteria is a great solution, knowledge transfer and the enablement of your internal team to support and extend what was built.


Not only must you understand what the solution is going to look like today, you also need to proactively cater for future requirements. Do you have people available who can both support the solution and provide custom updates as they emerge? Outsource all or part of your team to Now Consulting, we are a highly experienced BI services provider who have an outstanding track record of success. We understand that building a team internally that have skills across many functional areas is difficult and expensive. Choosing Now Consulting as your partner will provide a team capable of supporting your business goals, we provide the required governance and strategy and then align that with initiatives to deliver to it. Now Consulting can support your business intelligence solution day by day, using well defined processes, specialised software, and highly experienced staff.