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The Now Consulting Way

Value Counts

At the core of the Now Consulting Way is the concept that delivering value counts. Deliver a great outcome and you earn the right to ask for the next job. The Now Consulting team is experienced at delivering value. They know value can be measured in multiple ways so they look to establish what is important before they start. And they look “outside the square” to see how they can add value.


It starts with a great team. Now Consulting has some of the most experienced consultants in the industry, and combines this expertise with a unique global perspective. Now Consulting consultants regularly attend industry events, work on projects in different regions, and through the company’s global operations have access to thought leaders and a network of specialized partners. This means with Now Consulting you are getting the best the world can offer.

The Personal Approach

Now Consulting consultants deal with all areas of the industry (staff, contractors, clients, partners and resellers) in an honest and open way. Their professional consistency and openness enables them to earn their peers respect and gain the trust required for a cooperative relationship. Consultants are encouraged to listen twice as much as they talk, get personally involved in the team, and invest in their own and our customer’s skills in order to achieve success.

Trusted Partner

The Now Consulting Way enables Now Consulting to earn the right to be a trusted partner. To achieve this Now Consulting takes a long term view, and always looks to understand the customer perspective first. Now Consulting consultants have a reputation for:

  • agreeing what success looks like for every customer/project
  • meeting or exceeding targets and deadlines
  • recognizing strengths and weaknesses by seeking feedback from customers
  • Using the customers measurement of a quality service as its standard
  • Involving whoever is needed (inside or outside the company) to deliver value