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Why Automate?

Fast and fluid. Agile and nimble.

It takes new data warehouse automation tools to transform traditional, waterfall development processes into a business-driven, rapid design-and-deployment model. No longer can IT managers tell their business colleagues to wait for the decision support infrastructure to come together. They must deliver the right data: now. Automation is the answer.

It’s Hard to Find a Reason not to Automate 

Integrated, data warehouse automation tools for planning, designing, building, and documenting decision support infrastructure eliminate hand coding and custom design. They let you work smarter, at the speed of business. What’s not to love when data warehouse automation delivers benefits like these?

Improved Quality

You can iteratively prototype, build, test, and adjust to best meet evolving business requirements. Plus, automated development lets you enforce standards and best practices for consistent, high quality solutions.

Increased Agility 

With automation, you can make changes quickly and frequently to meet changing business and technical requirements.

Ability to Iterate Fast

Discover issues and roadblocks sooner rather than months later so you can make any significant course changes necessary to achieve success. Iterating fast lets you economically test an idea and then change it until you find the best way to achieve your desired business outcomes.

Reduced Costs

Cut development time and effort to reduce project costs and increase return on investment. Using your valuable IT resources more effectively lets you innovate faster and get far more done on a limited budget.

Better Sustainability, Maintainability, and Operability

The benefits of automation don’t stop at development. You also get automated creation of documentation, simplified testing, better version control, and the ability to make changes quickly and easily.

To learn more about data warehouse automation and how to decide whether it’s right for your business... read our "Data Warehouse Automation Decision Guide"