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"It is time to refocus modeling energies for the speed of business today and apply focus where it needs to be and where it has been missing - and that is on the data."
"It is the structure and content of source system data that determines the extent of the challenge in extracting data from these systems."
"Using WhereScape 3D, organizations are able to devise architectures, and establish and quantify associated risks, with data warehousing and business intelligence projects."

How long is it going to take?

You have a pretty good idea about what you want; you know where to get the data from.

But how hard is it going to be? How long is it going to take before your data warehouse development can add value? Can you actually get the data you need? Do your users really understand what you plan on delivering? What compromises will you have to make? What will your data model actually end up looking like when you populate it with real data?

WhereScape Data Driven Design (WhereScape 3D) is data warehouse planning software. Its helps you explore and understand your data warehousing project at the time you need it most – the beginning.

Data warehouse planning is more than just coming up with a design and a project plan. You know the real world issues that can impact development: source data not available at the right grain, bad data, difference in data between the proof of concept and production, socialization of requirements…the list is long. It is about understanding the real world constraints and issues that will affect your project – before they impact the scope, duration or quality.

WhereScape 3D helps you accurately set expectations about cost, duration and complexity of your next project. You can explore the unique characteristics of your environment, and factor them into your planning process.

Whether a team is starting with a set of source systems, a purchased industry data model, a long-in-the-tooth data warehouse or mart slated for replacement, or a complex migration to a new source system environment, WhereScape 3D starts where the team starts, providing tools and templates focused on supporting the use case at hand.

What the Analysts say.

"The output from WhereScape 3D is a complete documentation of the entire design! Astounding! So impressive..." Claudia Imhoff, Intelligent Solutions

"WhereScape 3D has great potential to be the default DM tool for the BI market. I’m glad someone has addressed a DM tool for BI." Steve Dine, Datasource Consulting

"I like how WhereScape thinks about integration. Design point isn’t a collection of tech components, it’s one product focused on tasks." Mark Madsen, Third Nature

"WhereScape is a solid company with excellent strategy and products. I remain very impressed."
Rick Sturm, Enterprise Management Associates

WhereScape 3D can be used together with WhereScape RED - our industry-leading IDE.


With WhereScape 3D, designers and planners can

  • Discover, profile, explore and document any potential source system
    for a data warehousing project, including detailed examination of source data at the table and column levels
  • Design, populate and test any target data warehouse schema, whether normal form, dimensional, data vault or hybrid
  • Implement, test and populate any purchased enterprise data model in the planned target environment
  • Perform a complete source-to-target mapping between profiled and documented source systems, and designed target schema
  • Test planned schema, populated with real data, for functionality and coverage, with end users, before building activities commence
  • View, manipulate and associate conceptual and logical views of the proposed data warehouse or data mart
  • Capture user stories, interviews and all other requirements artefacts as an integral part of the planning process, in a managed repository
  • Capture the design rationale for the new environment, while the project team is in planning
  • Generate complete project documentation, for governance, funding or internal communications

Build using a use case-driven model, implemented as templates that can be imported into, and exported from, the planning environment, WhereScape 3D allows organizations to assemble highly-specific planning tools that standardize planning activities into templates, which can be shared across planning teams, or even across organizations.

WhereScape 3D discovers and profiles a wide range of data sources, including: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Teradata, Sybase, Informix, Progress, postGres and mySQL.

Ultimately, WhereScape 3D’s comprehensive and context-based approach to planning data warehouses and data marts allows data warehousing teams to reality-test their projects in every relevant dimension before the build process begins - planned data warehouses right, now.

Use Cases

WhereScape 3D exists because our customers asked for it. Having experienced the benefits of WhereScape RED, our customers realized that their project risk center had shifted – WhereScape RED ensured a reliable, repeatable, rapid build-operate-renovate cycle, but WhereScape RED did little to ensure that a project was planned and reality-tested properly, before the build-operate-renovate cycle began. When we asked our customers what they intended to do with WhereScape 3D, they were clear about how they’d use it:

Source System Characterization

Our customers can discover,
explore, profile and document possible source systems for any
data warehousing projects in
hours, assessing source system fitness empirically and systematically, and producing complete documentation for
project teams and source system operators.

Packaged Data Model Proofing

As the purchase and implementation of packaged enterprise data models becomes accepted practice, WhereScape 3D allows these models to be reality-tested, as targets, in their operating environments using real data. This can be done quickly and completely, and allows for the revision and enhancement of those models in the target environment where they will be implemented.

Source System Impact Assessment

When our customers are planning source system migrations that impact existing data warehouses and data marts, WhereScape 3D permits them to assess the impact of a change-over on existing BI infrastructure, using test instances, prior to go-live dates, and develop appropriate response plans: including data warehouse and data mart schema changes and enhancements, and new or revised ETL logic.

Target Schema Testing

WhereScape 3D allows our customers to remove the single biggest technical project risk: the coverage and fit of the target schema, from the analytical user perspective. By encouraging the design and testing of target schema using real data in quick, iterative cycles, WhereScape 3D ensures that target schema slated for implementation have been thoroughly reviewed, tested and approved by end-users before project build begins.

Data Warehouse Documentation:

Existing data warehouses can be discovered, profiled. Documentation can be automatically maintained, and produced on demand.

Read the 3D Data Sheet