The DWA specialist is seeing increasing demand for its data-warehouse design and development software on Apache Hadoop, complementing its existing support for a variety of analytic databases.

WhereScape is one of a few specialists in the field of data-warehouse automation (DWA), providing design and development software for automating the creation of data marts and data warehouses.

Traditionally, the results have been deployed on analytic relational databases, but the company is seeing increasing demand for Hadoop-based deployments, having introduced native connectors for the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDSF) and Hive about a year ago.

The 451 Take 

The analytic data platform market is evolving. While the term ‘data warehouse’ is almost synonymous with analytic databases, it has been clear for some time that at least some data-processing workloads are being migrated from existing analytic databases to Hadoop. We have called this hybrid data management landscape the Total Data Warehouse, and it is clearly a concept that has the potential to drive growth for WhereScape given its early embrace of Hadoop. The company is well-established as a provider of data-warehouse automation software for analytic databases, and while those account for the bulk of its revenue, we see opportunities for growth based on bringing the benefits of DWA to Hadoop.