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  • Video: Vodafone Netherlands

    Data Vault, Teradata, RED, Videos, Testimonial

    Watch this video to learn how WhereScape’s automation solutions helped solve the data integration challenges at Vodafone Netherlands. Vodafone is using WhereScape to generate Data Vault 2.0 models for its Teradata data warehouse. Watch to learn more.

  • Video: Welcome to Teradata Partners

    Videos, Teradata

    Meet WhereScape at Teradata Partners, the world's preeminent data conference.

  • Video: Cornell University

    Videos, Testimonial, Oracle, RED, Higher Education

    Watch this five-minute video to learn how Cornell University used WhereScape’s automation software to successfully migrate from IBM Cognos Data Manager to WhereScape RED for moving data into Cornell’s Oracle financial data warehouse. Watch Cornell Data Warehouse Manager Jeff Christen explain why “WhereScape is a good for higher ed and a great fit for Cornell.”

  • Video: Canadian National Railway Company

    Videos, Testimonial, Agile, Other

    Canadian National Railway Company (CN) took an iterative, prototyping approach to data warehouse development, using WhereScape to integrate multiple data sources, one of which took less than a day. Watch the video now.

  • Video: WhereScape Test Drive - Amsterdam

    Videos, Test Drive, Data Warehouse Automation

    Watch this short video to experience a WhereScape Test Drive, where attendees learn first-hand about the power of data warehouse automation and build a fully functioning data warehouse in two hours.

  • Video: Ask the Experts - Wayne Eckerson

    Videos, Expert, Data Warehouse Automation

    Watch this short video to hear data warehouse and BI expert Wayne Eckerson explain why data warehouse automation is a must-have for organizations looking to accelerate the delivery of a data warehouse or data mart.

  • Video: Ask the Experts Video - Dave Wells

    Videos, Expert, Data Warehouse Automation

    Watch this video with Dave Wells, a leading authority on data warehouse automation, to hear how automation enables organizations to reduce the time to value from their data warehouse, BI, analytic and big data platforms.

  • Video: Union Bank

    Videos, Testimonial, RED, Finance

    Learn how Union Bank used WhereScape RED’s data warehouse automation solution to achieve a 5x performance increase in developer productivity. Watch the video now.

  • Video: WSECU - Washington’s Second Largest Credit Union

    Videos, Testimonial, SQL Server, Finance

    Learn how WSECU has used WhereScape’s data warehouse automation software to integrate new subject areas into its Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse in 3 weeks as opposed to 3-4 months.

  • Video: Ask the Experts - Interview with Claudia Imhoff, Founder, Intelligence Solutions

    Videos, Expert, Data Warehouse Automation

    WhereScape sits down with Claudia Imhoff to discuss how data warehouse automation achieves agility, increases productivity, reduces costs, and simplifies maintenance.

Listing 1 to 10 of 28