We at WhereScape are proud to sponsor this BARC research on Data Warehouse Modernization, written by analyst Jacqueline Bloemen in response to surveys from 368 data warehouse professionals across Europe (77%) and around the world.

Management Summary Preview

Hotspot 1: Time-consuming development process and restricted support of self-service BI are the foremost drivers for modernizing the data warehouse. 

Hotspot 2: The primary modernization approach is data warehouse / ETL automation, which helps promote a broad usage of the data warehouse.

Hotspot 3: Leaders rely less on flexible architectures and usable data based on cloud services, data lake, data governance, data hubs and data catalogues.

Hotspot 4: The evolution towards agile, interoperable data services is driving improvements in the ability to meet new requirements.

Hotspot 5: Transformation from complex and inefficient data landscape to holistic and agile data architecture requires clear management and specific skills.

Hotspot 6: The most important trends aim at a more efficient, effective and agile handling of data based on data governance, automation and self-service.

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