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Case Study: Auckland Council

Making our biggest city work better

Take eight separate councils and put them together. What do you get? - The Southern Hemisphere’s largest Local Government, Auckland Council, with a staff of over 8,000 people and an incredibly diverse
range of services.

After Auckland Council was formed in 2010, they asked WhereScape to help with data integration for an Enterprise Data Warehouse. Each council came with its own systems, data and processes, so it was a big challenge. WhereScape developed a Data Warehouse solution and reporting platform using WhereScape RED as the foundation. The system integrates the data and transforms it into actionable
information and insights, letting the council get on with running NZ’s biggest city.

WhereScape RED puts the right information at our managers’ fingertips, so they can understand and act on what’s happening in the organisation.

Mike Brothers Enterprise Information Delivery Manager, Auckland Council

Many teams, many problems

Teams across the council make big business decisions every day. But slow, inaccurate manual reporting used to take months with data having to be collected from across the different systems. This made
decision making difficult and inefficient. There were also gaps in the information available to decision makers – the HR Department couldn’t access demographic data, the Asset Management Department
had no way to record assets across the organisation and the Financial Management Team found it difficult to measure budgets and performance in different departments.

The council needed to integrate the data from all their departments, across all the councils’ individual systems and make it accessible to all decision makers.

Why WhereScape RED?

  • Improve time to value and cost savings in the order 4-10 times.
  • Flexible business-aligned solutions providing quick access to information and trends.
  • Well designed and built solutions that adhere to BI/DW best practices and organisational standards.
  • Solutions that are easy to change and support.
  • Supports best practice agile project approaches.

Key Benefits:

  • Business decision making is quicker and more accurate.
  • All teams have secure access to clear, concise and relevant information through customised dashboards.
  • HR information is visible across the council, making access to headcount, demographics and payroll easier.
  • Asset information is centralised so tracking and management is more effective.
  • Financial information is easy to access, so decision making is more accurate and efficient.

The WhereScape solution

WhereScape worked with the Business Intelligence Team to build a Data Warehouse leveraging WhereScape RED and 3D to combine all the data into a robust solution.

The WhereScape software provided the ability to model with real data and use short iterative development cycles to present information back to stakeholders often within hours or days, providing invaluable feedback for the ongoing improvement of the design and the analytics delivered. The Enterprise Data Warehouse transforms and collates information from the Councils disparate systems into a single source of the truth.

The result is a highly business aligned Enterprise Data Warehouse delivered in a fraction of the time and budget needed for traditional BI/DW projects.

Our old tools didn’t give us the speed, action or quality we needed. Analysis and modelling in lots of different areas was difficult, but with Wherescape RED it’s easy to see our information as a cohesive whole.

Mike Brothers Enterprise Information Delivery Manager, Auckland Council

Big business, big benefits

WhereScape RED integrates data across the entire council organisation, which has led to faster, more accurate business decision making. The council team says it’s the foundation of their business –
with access to complete and accurate information, they can focus on the business challenges facing them every day.

Now the foundation is taken care of, we can focus on our day to day challenges.

Ingrid McClymont Business Manager, Auckland Council

Data by department

Dashboards customised for different council departments give staff access to clear, concise and relevant information as they need it. For example, the HR department now has instant access to headcounts, demographics and payroll information across the organisation. This makes day-to-day decision making far quicker and more efficient, and allows each department to monitor and analyse its processes.

The WhereScape solution has also streamlined financial processes throughout the council. Their assets can now be tracked and managed easily, and financial information is more accessible to the relevant departments, improving decision making and transparency across the organisation.

Mike Brothers - Auckland Council