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Case Study: Hall Hunter Partnership

Hall Hunter calls on WhereScape to deliver quick, accurate insight from complex data processing.

Hall Hunter Partnership (HHP) is a leading UK fruit grower, with locations in Berkshire, Surrey and West Sussex.  A family run business, HHP was founded in 1966, and now counts Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and Tesco among its largest customers. During the harvest season, HHP employs over 2,000 workers spread across seven production sites, four traditional farms and three glasshouse sites. 

In order to remain efficient and competitive, HHP is constantly analysing data from a variety of complex sources. The challenge HHP faced was how to derive insightful truths from these disparate data sources.  Useful data was often found fragmented or isolated with records being registered in different source systems and spreadsheets.  An ever-increasing excess of complex formulas and charts expanding the size of workbooks was a challenge, and having to maintain multiple saved instances to sustain a reporting timeline resulted in a slow turnaround when analysing vast quantities of data.

“With WhereScape, you are emboldened to experiment and process data in ways in which you would previously have thought impossible. Now we dare!”

  • Single source of truth created, despite surge in volume and complexity of data
  • Reporting time reduced – in some instances cut to just seconds
  • Automated approach scales up productivity of one employee to the equivalent of four