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Case Study: New Zealand Lotteries

Making marketing decisions easier

Lotto NZ isn’t a traditional bricks-and-mortar retailer, they’re a billion dollar business, with the largest retail network in New Zealand.

With nationwide customers and a product that could be considered a personal luxury, targeted marketing is key to Lotto’s success. To achieve this, they need accurate and timely data.

Before partnering with WhereScape, the Lotto NZ team had access to sales data, but it lacked the depth required to make informed marketing or business decisions.

With WhereScape’s help, that’s all changed. WhereScape RED and the expertise of the WhereScape team has given Lotto NZ a stable recording and reporting system, complete with a rich reporting environment, enabling the business to gain insights that assist decision making.

Making information accessible

Lotto NZ has been around since 1986, now turning over a billion dollars a year. They have a huge number of terminals and kiosks in shops and malls around NZ making them the largest retail network in the country.

Because marketing and customer engagement is essential to their business, Lotto NZ knew that their sales data could help target their audience and communicate more effectively. But their existing data collection and reporting systems were outdated and inefficient. Available sales data was aggregated, showing overall figures rather than details about each area, shop and customer. Trends could not be analysed and Lotto NZ were lacking usable customer and sales intelligence, making it difficult for the team to understand Lotto’s customer base and make appropriate marketing decisions.

Lotto NZ were frustrated that they had been investing in improving business intelligence, without any tangible value actually being delivered. After trying a number of ad hoc solutions to the data problem, Lotto NZ discovered WhereScape. Using WhereScape RED data warehouse automation software and working alongside key business users, the WhereScape team planned and implemented a new data warehouse solution for data collection and reporting.

In a 12-week period comprehensive Sales Analysis was delivered, providing the Lotto NZ management team with access to specialised and detailed customer information.

Using the WhereScape expertise, Lotto NZ now have a stable, functional reporting system running on the WhereScape RED platform. Simplifying data management and making big business decisions easier and more accurate.

Previously it was difficult and time consuming to access data. Now that WhereScape are involved, those problems have disappeared.

Wayne Pickup CEO, Lotto NZ

Why WhereScape RED?

  • Improve time to value and cost savings in the order 4-10 times.
  • Flexible business-aligned solutions providing quick access to information and trends.
  • Well designed and built solutions that adhere to BI/DW best practices and organisational standards.
  • Solutions that are easy to change and support.
  • Supports best practice agile project approaches.

Key Benefits:

  • Accessibility: detailed sales data is available in real-time and is accessible to all.
  • Reporting: automated and manual reporting is faster, accurate and repeatable.
  • Integrated Collection: data from disparate systems across all business areas is collected automatically and stored in one place.
  • Decision-making: Accurate, timely information makes marketing decisions easier.

Better data, better decisions

The Lotto NZ team is now able to integrate and access sales data from all over the country, with incredible detail and accuracy.

WhereScape have delivered significant value for Lotto NZ, in a short space of time and without unnecessary complexity. The team say that the WhereScape solution is easy to use, and the system has more than met their expectations in terms of speed, reliability and accuracy.

This data can be sliced, diced and analysed quickly and simply, which makes it easier for the management and marketing teams to make day to day decisions.

WhereScape continues to work with Lotto NZ to evolve the reporting as the needs of the business change. Lotto NZ regard WhereScape as a trusted partner, who understands their business and helps to achieve their strategic goals. For Lotto NZ, this partnership enables them to connect with customers and drive the business forward, knowing that informed strategic decisions have been made.