WhereScape provides missing link for Renold’s Business Intelligence

Renold plc. is a global manufacturer of industrial chains and power transmission products for escalators, factories and even theme parks. Established in the late nineteenth century, Renold has a long history of producing high quality precision engineering. Over the course of its existence the business had grown in a fragmented way and lacked commonality across its various sites and systems.

“I thought it must be marketing spiel, it couldn’t be that easy. Then, on day one of the proof of concept, my jaw literally hit the floor. We had sales intelligence for the first time since I joined Renold. I just couldn’t believe something like WhereScape existed. We had customer knowledge that we simply had not had before.”

The Business Challenge

  • Improve business performance
  • Access and manage all business data from 13 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and multiple sites in a consistent way
  • Ensure all data was ready for the new ERP system
  • Standardising its ERP systems will take four years, which was too slow
  • Renold needed to build an agile Data Warehouse for effective enterprise-wide analytics
  • Sales staff did not have adequate market intelligence and activity reporting needed to do their jobs effectively
  • To understand its reseller and distribution network and all its customers’ needs

The WhereScape Solution

  • Using WhereScape Red and WhereScape 3D an agile, source agnostic Data Warehouse was built for legacy and ERP systems
  • Data integrated from the first five systems could be catalogued, made visible and available on a single platform for easy and reliable reporting


  • Within the first day of the Proof of Concept Renold had clean, consistent sales intelligence for the first time
  • The legacy, daily report of sales and order numbers took an hour to run and produced inconsistent numbers. This report now takes 30 seconds and is accurate
  • Commercial reporting for month end reduced from 4 days to 3 hours with interim reports being produced
  • Time to download, enhance and reconcile data reduced from 3.5 days to 30 seconds
  • The people who need the intelligence can access it
  • WhereScape RED’s automated documentation and metadata revealed errors in Renold’s source data and business processes that could then be rectified
  • Rollout of the ERP system now includes BI, with historic sales information migrated to the Data Warehouse as part of the go-live process and commercial data included in the cubes from the start