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Case Study: SKYCITY Entertainment Group

Integration and on-time analytics

A casino, a hotel, restaurants, bars, a theatre and car park – all running 24/7 in three locations. SKYCITY is no ordinary business. Each part of the business has unique transactional data and their own systems for data management, which makes it difficult to get a clear and accurate overview of what the business is doing without a single view of all the data.

That’s where WhereScape came in, integrating data and systems across the business with the WhereScape RED Data Warehouse Automation platform. That’s not just helpful, it’s essential. WhereScape Consultants also provide data warehousing expertise, so SKYCITY can access the information they need to make informed, appropriate decisions.

SKYCITY – One business, many services

Different parts of the business across New Zealand and Australia used standalone systems and processes that collect different types of information. They can’t be simply integrated with other systems. It was almost impossible to get a current, coherent view of the overall business – creating a report used to take up to two days, making it difficult to make the right decisions about funding, staffing and management.

In the past, we had data, but it was hard to get insights and it was hard to report on. WhereScape came in and helped us to design the data warehouse, and then build one.

Raj Kapadia Head of IT Gaming Operations, SKYCITY

Why WhereScape RED?

  • Improve time to value and cost savings in the order 4-10 times.
  • Flexible business-aligned solutions providing quick access to information and trends.
  • Well designed and built solutions that adhere to BI/DW best practices and organisational standards.
  • Solutions that are easy to change and support.
  • Supports best practice agile project approaches.

Key Benefits:

  • Accessibility: all teams have access to clear, concise data through customised dashboards.
  • Reporting: automated and manual reporting is faster and more accurate.
  • Collection: data from all business areas is collected automatically and stored in one place.
  • Integration: disparate systems from all business areas have been integrated.
  • Decision-making: Accurate, timely information makes financial and practical decision making easier.

The WhereScape solution

Working with SKYCITY since 2003, WhereScape have guided the business on a journey to constantly improve and evolve their reporting and business information. WhereScape is now a trusted partner for SKYCITY, providing huge amounts of data warehouse expertise and experience.

Ensuring that SKYCITY are on the right track with their data warehouse design and development. Many of SKYCITY’s service areas – like casinos, hotels and car parking – couldn’t use ‘off the shelf’ ERP systems. The WhereScape team defined the data warehouse architecture for each business area so SKYCITY could design a system from scratch that could also link and analyse from disparate sources.

Customer and transactional data is collected from multiple touchpoints and is consolidated into the Data Warehouse. From this, automated reporting is generated without any business intervention, enabling data driven decision making.

Accessible data, meaningful results

One of the first to benefit was the Food and Beverage team. They can now create ‘flash reports’ in less than four hours, with real-time, critical decision-making data. They can even drill down into the detail - such as, the beverages sold in each location, for example.

This accessibility and analytical capability has made a clear difference to the way the Food and Beverage team works. Day-to-day and large-scale decisions are now more accurate and data-driven.

A framework for the future

SKYCITY has found that the specific, timely access to data has made a huge difference. Data from all over the business is integrated and can be used to create manual reports for specific analysis or in automated daily reporting – critical data for all levels of the business. Since its initial implementation a decade ago, the WhereScape’s Data Warehouse Automation solution has formed a framework for data management and decision making – and its flexibility has kept up with the business’s great growth and change.