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Case Study: The Body Shop

Using automation software to increase development productivity

The Body Shop sells natural, ethical beauty products at more than 2,500 retail locations all over the world. Their Indonesian franchise, running since 1992, has been very successful, and now includes around 130 stores and a country-specific sales website.

Rapid growth for Body Shop Indonesia has made managing the business more complicated in recent years. Reporting of sales, stock, discounts and profits throughout the business is critical – but until recently, the systems The Body Shop had in place were not up to the task.

WhereScape has helped them move from disparate, disconnected data management to a fully integrated and accurate system based on a WhereScape RED Data Warehouse Automation solution.

Streamlining beauty sales

Each department and business area within Body Shop needed access to relevant and timely information and needed help collaborating with other departments.

Previously, the business had used a Data Warehouse, but it was difficult to use and maintain. Staff changes in the Data Warehouse team also made it difficult to establish procedures and processes for data management.

In 2014, The Body Shop Indonesia began a revamp of its information management systems and formed a working partnership with WhereScape. 

WhereScape RED is a complete lifecycle management framework that encourages best practice, and their data automation functionality enabled us to deliver a 1 year project in only 3 months.

Sutan Pati Manager, Knowledge Management, The Body Shop Indonesia

Why WhereScape RED?

  • Improve time to value and cost savings in the order 4-10 times.
  • Flexible business-aligned solutions providing quick access to information and trends.
  • Well designed and built solutions that adhere to BI/DW best practices and organisational standards.
  • Solutions that are easy to change and support.
  • Supports best practice agile project approaches.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased productivity: since implementing WhereScape, the BI team is 75% more productive.
  • Better documentation: documentation and data from all business areas is maintained in one place.
  • Accessibility: staff from all over the business can access data and reports, providing greater visibility & information.
  • Integration: the WhereScape system was designed to integrate with the existing Microsoft SQL Server, making the changeover seamless.
  • Cost effective: using WhereScape, the team were able to deliver a fully functional new system in just three months.  

The WhereScape solution

The answer to The Body Shop’s data problems wasn’t simply a new Data Warehouse – it involved designing and building a completely new data management solution. In less than six months, a team of Body Shop developers using WhereScape software worked to plan and develop a newer, more functional system, which would deliver significant business value. 

Data makes a difference

After years spent dealing with incomplete and inaccurate data, WhereScape RED was a revelation. The Body Shop team can now collect and access data from all their locations and their website in one place.

They can generate real-time reports with detailed, useful information about any aspect of the business. Making decisions about stock levels, discount offers, staffing and marketing is now much easier, as management can get a very specific view of each location and department – as well as an overall view of the entire business.

The Body Shop was able to analyse customer purchasing behaviour and trends, which was delivered in weeks, not months. This provides The Body Shop with insight and opportunities to bundle products to increase sales and profitability.

In addition, the development of the WhereScape solution has given The Body Shop far greater understanding of inventory balances and stock availability, by store. This information can be sliced-and-diced by product and location, on a daily basis. Managers can now monitor the on-shelf availability of stock to maximize sales potential.

The future of data management

As The Body Shop continues to grow and develop, their new WhereScape RED Data Warehouse Automation solution will too. It’s designed to be flexible – not just keeping up with new data and more locations, but maintaining essential documentation and business process knowledge to help the business move forward.

It’s about streamlining systems, eliminating redundancies and making sure key business knowledge stays where it should. For the Body Shop, these new functions have made all the difference.