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Case Study: Vodafone Netherlands

Author: Jos Driessen & Ronald Seinen | Vodafone Netherlands

WhereScape’s Automated Development Solves Integration Challenges at Vodafone Netherlands.

Vodafone Netherlands is part of the Vodafone Group, one of the largest mobile telecommunications companies in the world with more than 462 million mobile customers and 13.4 million fixed network customers. Vodafone Netherlands has nearly 240 retail outlets, more than five million customers, annual turnover of 1.85 billion and nearly 3,200 employees.

WhereScape talked with Jos Driessen, Manager, BICC Strategy & Architecture and Ronald Seinen, BI Architect, BICC Strategy and Architecture about Vodafone Netherland’s successes using WhereScape RED to generate Data Vault 2.0 models for its Teradata data warehouse.

These successes have enabled the telecommunications provider to:

  • Start decommissioning its ETL solution in favor of WhereScape RED, with significant savings for Vodafone Netherlands
  • Speed up time to market: initiatives are now completed in a few days versus six months previously
  • Process faster: loading data in 10% of the time it previously took