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Data sheet: Extracting Data From SAP Using WhereScape RED

Author: WhereScape

Data sheet: Extracting data from sap using WhereScape RED

WhereScape RED SAP Extract Solution

The WhereScape RED SAP extract solution gives you access to every type of object in SAP with a standard drag and drop interface. Simply browse SAP, drag and drop to create new load tables in your Data Warehouse then load the data straight from SAP into your Data Warehouse.


Data Warehouse Specific Features

  • Incorporates and embodies a pragmatic methodology
  • Replaces or complements traditional ETL tools
  • Supports prototyping by dragging and dropping from source objects – before the target is defined
  • Default support for incremental loads
  • Default support for change detection in the data warehouse
  • Default support for normalized and dimensional models
  • Default support for slowly changing and snowflake dimensions

WhereScape RED Functionality

  • Super Scalable Development
  • Integrated with the Database
  • Integrated Data Warehouse Scheduler
  • Open Metadata
  • Documentation Generation
  • Lifecycle Support
  • Enterprise Ready
  • Agile Development Supported SAP Objects
  • Transparent Tables; Pooled Tables; Clustered Tables; Save SAP Queries; BW Cubes; Reports; Hierarchies; Delta Qs; Open Hub Services.

Solution Licensing Details:

The WhereScape RED SAP Extract Solution includes the following:

  • SAP ODBC licenses for two workstations, one development server and one production server
  • SAP SSIS extractors for one development server and one production server (including extractors for SAP Tables, saved SAP Queries and BW Cubes)
  • One day of consulting services to install and configure the solution and train developers

Drag and Drop Extract and Load from SAP:


Drag and Drop Extract and Load from SAP