IT organizations of the 1990s were, by 2000 or so, being told by senior management that the secret to IT success lay in learning how to do more with less: lowering budgets for entitlement, new application spending controlled by the business, and reducing IT headcount. The answer for IT to best manage to this challenge was to change how we produced decision support infrastructure to work effectively in a time with fewer people, less money and less time to produce more than what we have been expected to produce in the past. This change — from artistry to acceleration and automation — is easy to understand and has obvious benefits for IT leadership.

In this executive brief, you will learn:

  • How the Success Conundrum has developed over the last decades to put IT teams under pressure to deliver on heightened user expectations with fewer resources
  • How automation is the key to breaking out of the outdated, artisan approach to handling big data
  • The steps to choosing your first data warehouse automation project

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