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Those in the banking sector must innovate at speed to compete with both traditional rivals and digital-native start-ups. As a result, many leading banks are striving to get Agile: changing IT cultures towards shorter iterations, collaboration where possible, and automation as a necessity to complete projects at the pace of business in 2020.

This 60-minute webcast explores the roles of Agile methodologies and automation in the digitalization of the banking sector.

In the first 30 minutes, we get into the mind of Dimitris Panagio, a consultant in charge of instilling Agile principles at a major Swedish Bank. Dimitris will explain: 

  • How to alter mindsets and encourage a new way of thinking
  • The practical steps he took to change working methodologies
  • How Data Automation software enabled him to achieve his goals

 In the second half of the webcast, a WhereScape Senior Solutions Architect will demonstrate how Data Automation fulfils the principles of the Agile manifesto. For example, how:

  • WhereScape 3D creates prototypes for rapid collaboration with the business before the data model is physicalised, saving potentially months of wasted work.
  • WhereScape RED automates the generation of thousands of lines of code in seconds, enabling data models to be designed, built and deployed in short iterations.
  • Automated management and documentation of data infrastructure allows for rapid reaction to changes in requirements at any stage in the project lifecycle.

This webcast is presented by our excellent Nordic partner, Knowit.

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