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Author: WhereScape and Antivia

Turn your business data into a competitive advantage in just two weeks

The Challenge

Do you find you have to go to your CRM application for one report, your finance system for another and then have to mash this data together by hand to make sense of it? 

If so, are business users frustrated that they lack access to the critical information they need to make data-driven decisions? Is IT frustrated with the effort required to publish this data?

When data is fragmented sound decisions are hard to come by

  • Data stored in disparate systems. When you have a complex environment where your data is stored in different applications it can be hard to pull together a single global view of your business to provide a coherent platform for decision-making, and as a result decisions are often based on gut rather than facts.
  • Skills shortage. You likely have a shortage of skilled people internally to manage and deliver business data, which means they struggle to keep pace with your business’ voracious appetite for new information, causing backlogs and delays.
  • Ad-hoc approach to data access. This resource shortage probably means you have an ad-hoc approach to getting data out of your systems, which results in a lack of coding standards, consistency, governance and documentation which ultimately causes a lack of trust in the numbers presented.

The Solution

Move from data to dashboards in a flash with Insight Accelerator

  • Mitigates risk with a fixed-price packaged solution. With the Insight Accelerator fixed-priced packaged solution you get a complete data warehouse, from design and planning through to implementation, and a suite of interactive dashboards that answer multiple business questions and can be accessed by business users on mobile devices and desktops without training.
  • Unlocks value early using an agile approach. Our consultants will work alongside your team taking an agile approach to deliver your data warehouse and dashboards incrementally, using a series of two to three phases (sprints) which unlock the business value in your data in weeks – not months.
  • Brings your business and its data together. You’ll be able to see all the information your business cares about in one place, and use it to make faster, data-driven decisions by answering immediate and follow-up questions from within one dashboard.
  • Plays nicely with your existing IT infrastructure. The Insight Accelerator includes WhereScape RED, which simplifies and automates the movement of your data from your source systems into your Data Warehouse, and Antivia’s DecisionPoint™ which allows non-programmers to create stunning interactive dashboards. Together these offer a scalable, IT friendly solution with a low total cost of ownership. And, best of all, you also get robust data governance with automated documentation and version control so you can place total trust in the numbers you see in your dashboards.

The Insight Accelerator Package

For an affordable fixed price, WhereScape and Antivia will deliver:

  • 12 month subscription including support and maintenance for:
    • 1 WhereScape RED user license
    • 1 WhereScape 3D user license
    • DecisionPoint™ Enterprise 15-named user license
  • Four days full training for one person on WhereScape RED
  • Two days training for up to three people on DecisionPoint™ Enterprise
  • 20 days of professional services consultancy to deliver a fully documented, maintainable data warehouse and suite of dashboards into production
  • Delivered as a series of two to three phases (sprints), each comprising:
    • Requirements analysis
    • Source system integration - including loading and staging and creating a history keeping Operational Data Store (ODS)
    • Dimensional Data Mart creation
    • Workflow scheduling
    • Dashboard creation
  • Complete handover to development and operational teams

The take-away

With the Insight Accelerator you get a single global view of the business that arms business user s with all the information they need to make data-driven decisions. For IT, the Insight Accelerator dramatically simplifies the process of managing data, enabling them to respond to changing business needs fast.

Partner Snapshot

Antivia is an international software company run by a team of seasoned BI experts, with backgrounds working at SAP, Business Objects and Crystal Decisions. Our customers span four continents and include: 3M, BlackBerry, Deutsche Bank, Fifth Third Bank, Honda, HP, Shell, Shire Pharmaceuticals, The Coca-Cola Company, Telenor, The NHS and Vodafone.

Decision Point gives us the flexibility to quickly deliver great-looking interactive dashboards to our customers, without us having to get our hands dirty writing code

Mike Stapleton CIO, HealthPlanOne