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Solution Brief: WhereScape Automation for Snowflake

Put your snowflake data warehouse on the fast track with automation

WhereScape® automation for Snowflake combines the best practices and native capabilities of Snowflake with automation to help its teams deliver actionable, reliable data infrastructure projects in the cloud faster. From data warehouse design and development to deployment and operation, WhereScape removes the repetitive and time-intensive so you can more quickly support the business with solutions that are primed and ready for change.

With WhereScape automation for Snowflake, you can:

  • Start using snowflake sooner for new and ongoing data infrastructure projects by automating up to 95% of the coding effort
  • Boost developer productivity five-fold by eliminating the repetitive and time-intensive and lifting the burden of documentation
  • Close the collaboration gap between IT and business users by using rapid prototyping to solve early in a project for differences between business need and technical capability