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Teradata and WhereScape 3D - Alliance

Author: Teradata

Chances are you already have a vision of the ultimate goals for your Teradata® data warehouse. But before you can even think of reaching those objectives, you need to ask yourself one critical question: how do I begin?

Add Another Dimension to Data Warehouse Planning

Chances are you already have a vision of the ultimate goals for your Teradata® data warehouse. But before you can even think of reaching those objectives, you need to ask yourself one critical question: how do I begin?

Data warehouse planning today demands far more than simply creating a design or working out a project plan. It means making sure you understand the real-world issues that can impact development, everything from unavailable source data or bad data to differences in data between the proof of concept and production. You can’t move ahead until you truly understand these and other constraints and issues that can affect your project.

But for most organizations this initial step is the hardest. That’s because at the outset they don’t have a clear grasp of how long it will take for their data warehouse development to begin showing value. They don’t know if they can actually get the data they need, or if their users will be able to understand it. And they’re unsure what their data model will look like once it’s populated with real data.

What’s needed is a new kind of data warehouse planning software, a solution that helps you explore and understand your data warehousing project exactly at the time you need it most—right at the beginning. That’s why Teradata and WhereScape have partnered to bring you WhereScape Data Driven Design (3D).

It’s a unique planning solution that allows you to:

  • Explore and understand your data warehousing project before you start.
  • Discover, profile, explore, and document any source system.
  • Design, populate, and test any target data warehouse schema.

Figure 1. WhereScape 3D is data warehouse planning software that helps you explore and understand your Teradata data warehousing project at the time you need it most—the beginning.

Set Accurate—and Realistic— Expectations

WhereScape 3D helps you accurately set expectations about the cost, duration, and complexity of your data warehousing project. With it, you can explore the unique characteristics of your environment and factor them into your planning process.

Whether your planning team is starting with a set of source systems, a purchased industry data model, a set of requirements, or an outdated data warehouse or mart, WhereScape 3D provides tools and templates focused on supporting your specific use cases. 

Taking advantage of WhereScape 3D, your designers and planners can:

  • Discover, profile, explore, and document any potential source system, including detailed examination of source data thorough sophisticated data profiling queries purpose built for data warehouse development.
  • Build physical data models knowing the source system data will populate the database design without costly delays, endless iterations and discovering the data through loading errors. 
  • Implement, test, and populate any purchased logical data model in the planned target environment, by migrating it to a physical data model. Connect and validate source system data with the physical data model.
  • Test planned schema, populated with real data for functionality and coverage, with end users before building activities commence.
  • Design, and test any target data warehouse schema, whether normal form, dimensional, data vault or hybrid.
  • Perform a complete source-to-target mapping between profiled and documented source systems and the designed target schema.
  • View, manipulate, and associate conceptual and logical views of the proposed data warehouse or data mart.
  • Capture the design rationale for the new environment, while the project team is still in planning.

Build With Proven Templates

The Teradata and WhereScape partnership lets you build your Teradata data warehouse using a template-driven approach that eases setup and configuration, speeding time to realizing value. Ultimately, WhereScape 3D’s comprehensive and context-based approach to planning data warehouses allows your data warehousing team to reality-test its projects in every relevant dimension before the build process begins.

Here’s just a sampling of the use cases you can take advantage of:

Source System Characterization

You can discover, explore, profile, and document possible source systems for your data warehousing project in hours, assessing source system fitness empirically and systematically, and producing complete documentation for project teams and source system operators. This largely automates manual load specification documents while increasing their accuracy since they are based on the source system data.

Packaged Data Mode l Proofing

As the purchase and implementation of packaged enterprise data models becomes accepted practice, WhereScape 3D allows these models to be realitytested, as targets, in their operating environments using real data. This can be done quickly and completely, and allows for the revision and enhancement of those models in the target environment in which they will be implemented.

Source System Impact Assessment

If you are planning source system migrations that impact existing data warehouses and data marts, WhereScape 3D permits you to assess the impact of a change-over on existing BI infrastructure, using test instances, prior to go-live dates, and develop appropriate response plans: including data warehouse and data mart schema changes and enhancements, and new or revised ETL logic.

Target Schema Testing

WhereScape 3D allows you to remove your single biggest technical project risk—the coverage and fit of the target schema, from the analytical user perspective. By encouraging the design and testing of target schema using real data in quick, iterative cycles, WhereScape 3D ensures that target schema slated for implementation have been thoroughly reviewed, tested, and approved by end users before project build begins.

A Dynamic Partnership

The overriding goal of the Teradata and WhereScape partnership is to deliver demonstrable value to your business as quickly as possible and to maximize the return on your Teradata investment. It’s a dynamic partnership that brings you new levels of speed and efficiency that can deliver tangible results to your bottom line. In fact, as you are ready to plan and design your big data strategy, 3D will serve your Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance as well.

Together, Teradata and WhereScape will help you accelerate time-to-value on your Teradata projects. And while we can help maximize your data warehouse investment, we can also help assure your data warehouse implementation will happen in less time, for less money, and with mitigated risk.

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