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Teradata and WhereScape

Author: Teradata

Teradata – the world leader in data warehouse technology – has teamed with WhereScape to create an integrated development environment for designing, loading, building and managing your Teradata data warehouses.

Teradata and WhereScape: Two Powerful Names in Data Warehousing

This dynamic partnership brings you new levels of speed and efficiency and can deliver tangible benefits to your bottom line. WhereScape RED is an agile end-to-end data warehouse development tool that fully leverages Teradata® Database’s rich feature set to build native Teradata objects, document them, and schedule data to be loaded. RED works well with ETL tools, or as an ELT solution using Teradata Loaders, such as Teradata Parallel Transporter. Used together, Teradata and WhereScape RED can help you track changes day by day and make changes on the fly for faster, better decision making. Perhaps most importantly, Teradata and WhereScape RED can help small IT and BI teams accomplish more with fewer resources.

Quicker Time-to-Value

Together, Teradata and WhereScape will help you accelerate time-to-value for your Teradata projects. Using fewer resources for prototyping, building and deploying Teradata objects and data warehouses from one tool produces cost savings and increases the value of your Teradata investment. Eliminating complex hand coding and automating Teradata development creates a simplified infrastructure and dramatically lower TCO. Highly scalable ELT architecture leverages ANSI Merge to keep you on the cutting edge, and you’ll be able to take advantage of new
Teradata features as soon as they become available.

Great Reviews

Teradata customers in a broad base of industries worldwide are combining the power of the Teradata platform with WhereScape RED for quicker, smoother results and greater agility. More than 600 WhereScape customers are currently relying on RED to realize business value more rapidly, which puts a smile on faces on both the business and IT sides. One customer reported building out 150 tables in fewer than two weeks.

Our goal was to deliver demonstrable value to the business as quickly as possible and maximize our return on our Teradata investment. In WhereScape we were buying all of their Teradata data warehousing knowledge embedded in RED, along with a promise to absorb changes easily and be productive. WhereScape RED is just what it promised and more.

Chris Stewart Director, Architecture, Spend and Clinical Resource Management, MedAssets

More Agility, No Hand Coding

Gathering more data, making changes on the fly, and incorporating metadata are much easier with RED. That gives you the agility to adapt and respond to changes in the marketplace before your competitors, which gives you a decided competitive advantage. 

RED eliminates hand coding and instead provides an easy-to-use GUI to streamline the loading and transformation of data. This enables you to build Teradata objects and an entire semantic layer more rapidly.

By eliminating hand coding, RED also frees up IT’s time to pursue other projects that add business value. If you have a small IT department, this will allow them to do more with less budget. And when you combine RED with the expertise of Teradata Professional Services consultants, you can count on not only a more rapid development cycle, but more time to incorporate best practices that will ultimately enhance your bottom line.

Migrating from Oracle is easier than ever

If you’re transitioning from an Oracle database to
Teradata Database, RED can make this process seamless and effi cient. With RED, you can move data from Oracle and map it without hand coding, which lets you build your new Teradata data warehouse much more rapidly with fewer resources.

RED is optimized specifi cally for Teradata, and all code generated is native to Teradata SQL. RED knows all Teradata objects – including views, models, and join indexes – and takes advantage of Teradata features such as multi-level PPI. What’s more, RED lets you avoid the cost and complexity of a traditional enterprise ETL tool and consistently offers a lower TCO.

Practical applications for WhereScape RED and Teradata:

One Tool does it all – Working through RED’s user interface, your end users can simply drag and drop to develop Teradata objects – build tables, generate Teradata SQL code to populate the tables and create HTML documentation simultaneously from one tool.

Data labs – Before you structure data, you can quickly make sense of it and determine benefi cial business uses. RED makes it easy to load, move and transform new data into your Teradata data warehouse and start creating value right away.

Oracle migration – Load and transform data quickly from Oracle and transition stored procedures into Teradata code to perform stored procedures more efficiently. Transition tables, views and models into Teradata Database and create objects optimized for your Teradata environment.

Build Semantic layer – Seamlessly create an architectural layer that allows your business users to make changes on the fl y using common business terms for greater agility. Full end-to-end visibility of data and the ability to plug in any BI tool make things friendlier for end users.

Maximize your data warehouse investment today

Teradata and WhereScape are committed to providing you with an end-to-end experience for quickly developing and deploying data warehouses, as well as maximizing your use of your data warehouse to optimize your investment. Your data warehouse implementations will happen in less time, for less money, and with mitigated risk. It all adds up to a seamless experience that delivers rapid time-to-value. For more information about the power of Teradata and WhereScape, please contact your Teradata representative or visit

Partner Snapshot

With more than 2,000 data warehouse implementations worldwide and more than three decades of data warehouse expertise, Teradata Corporation is the world’s leading analytic data solutions company focused on integrated data warehousing, big data analytics and business applications. Teradata’s innovative products and services empower organizations to integrate, analyze and profit from data for competitive advantage.