We've partnered with HVR Software to help data warehousing teams more quickly and easily deliver real-time data to their organizations. 

Watch this recorded webcast and see first-hand how data warehousing teams are using data infrastructure automation and real-time data replication to fast-track their ability to deliver real-time data to their organizations.

Learn About Data Warehouse Automation: 

  • What Data Warehouse Automation is and how it can eliminate 95% of the hand-coding previously needed by your data warehousing team
  • Why Log-based Change Data Capture is a non-intrusive and low-impact way to continuously load data to your warehouse versus other methods
  • How to ensure ongoing data accuracy for data ingestion confidence
  • You will also get a chance to see the pairing of automation and data replication in action during a live demo.

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Review our WhereScape and HVR solution brief as well to learn more about our joint offering to help data warehousing teams deliver the decision-making data that organizations need faster.