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Data leaders who share information generate 3X more measurable economic benefit than those who don't, but as volumes increase exponentially along with rapid advances in technology - how can you manage the availability of access when everything needs guarding so closely?

Data Access Management (DAM) is the key to unlocking your organization's data value. It ensures you can have security and availability for all of those valuable pieces of information while preventing any loss or exposure. Unfortunately, until recently, this required a trade-off between data access and data protection, which isn't viable for today's complex global data landscape.

Watch the webcast and discover a more modern approach to DAM that provides greater data access and better data protection through centrally managed and universally enforced data access policies.

Learn how you can:

  • Dynamically evaluate every data request against applicable access policies at runtime
  • Determine what data the requester can see and apply surgical access rules that specify how sensitive data can be displayed
  • Empower data governance teams to centrally manage data access policies and equip data system administrators with no-code/low-code tools to configure automated enforcement.

All of this, and more, is achieved thanks to the power of automation from infoSecur. Watch this webinar and learn three highly experienced and respected data professionals to discuss how to exert complete control over who has access at each level while ensuring protection against potential risks associated with unauthorized usage in the safest, fastest, and most secure way possible.

Automation is a fast, painless, reliable way to plug data access

and security vulnerabilities.


Michael Magalsky

Founder and Principal Architect at infoVia (http://info-via.com) and infoSecur (http://info-secur.com)

Has advised and built Data Vaults for dozens of clients in healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, education, government, and services industries.

Specialties include Information Architecture, Data Warehouse Automation, and Data Security Favorite Lesson Learned: Data management is hard. Always automate leveraging patterns and metadata.

Proudly hails from Boise, Idaho, where he enjoys spending his weekends with his family in Idaho outdoors.


Discover infoSecur from infoVia, designed to help companies with sensitive data manage data access governance so they can share securely, confidently, and consistently.

infoSecur is a centralized tool used across all data environments and database sources to manage data access policies down to the cell level. It provides a low-code approach to apply policies that govern who receives what data and only shares the appropriate data with people - employees, partners, and third parties - regardless of whether they access this via reports, apps, dashboards, or direct database queries.

infoSecur is easy to implement, technology agnostic, and requires minimal data skills to use (SQL only). No new platform is needed to adopt infoSecur. It works with any BI tool but doesn't require a BI expert to provision and share data.


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