Nordic webcast


This webcast discusses the challenges facing data teams at healthcare companies across the Nordics and demonstrates how Data Automation software can overcome them.

These issues have come under more scrutiny in COVID times, so now is the time to modernise our data infrastructure so we can create fast, accurate reports to urgent deadlines.

The session starts with a case study from Katja Antikainen, Head of Information Management at 2M-IT, a public company that provides social and intensive medical care services to hospitals in 15 districts and municipalities in Finland. Katja will describe how and why:

  • 2M-IT sought to overcome the challenge of receiving patient data from 350 Finnish municipalities in different formats from disparate systems and transform it all into a common format to load into the data warehouse.
  • Long-term data projects have been postponed because of COVID, how the pandemic has created an acute need for rapid reporting, e.g. for vaccination numbers, and the impact of these changes on her team and data warehouse.
  • Data Warehouse Automation has helped 2M-IT to modernise its data warehouse, giving a before and after view.

We then have a 20-minute roundtable discussion with Anette Falkenroth, Head of Healthcare Transformation at Swedish data experts Knowt, and Ramesh Panakkal, Customer Success Manager EMEA at WhereScape. The session concludes with a demo of WhereScape data automation software and a Q&A.

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