This webcast will show you how to automate the migration of data infrastructure in a fast, reliable and fully documented way, enabling rapid time to value from your cloud investments.

Microsoft and WhereScape partner eBECS will explain why the company is ideally positioned to integrate WhereScape data automation for customers using SQL Server and Azure.

This 30-minute video will show you how to:

  • Migrate existing data and data infrastructure to the cloud
  • Leverage metadata, development and data-mapping wizards
  • Optimize and manage data transfers
  • Easily refresh data intermittently through the migration period
  • Deliver through one developer faster than using traditional methods through a team


Simon Spring, Senior Solutions Architect at WhereScape.
paul saxton photo.jpeg
Paul Saxton, Head of Data Analytics at eBECS.

Running Order

  1. Paul gives a brief introduction to eBECS, followed by examples how he has helped companies using . He also explains why he chooses WhereScape over other solutions in the market.
  2. Simon explains how automated data migration works, allowing data architectures to be created and migrated faster, saving time and resource compared to traditional hand coding methods. This significantly reduces time to consumption to a matter of weeks rather than months and years.
  3. Q&A.