Prototype In Minutes

This session shows you how to scope multiple data sources and spin up prototypes in minutes for close collaboration with the business. This enables data teams to confirm all requirements have been fully understood before the build takes place and reduces time spent on unnecessary work. Intelligent planning is essential for teams looking to get lean and move towards Agile methodologies.

WhereScape Senior Solutions Architect Glen Dawson tells you how data-driven design tools work, before showing you a live demo of how to prototype in minutes, and adjust the design in accordance with typical change requests he has seen the many Data Warehouse modernization projects he’s been involved in.

When we talk of Data architecture we tend to focus on the build and management of our models. But this is no use if the model does not match business expectations. A huge limitation of waterfall methodologies is that once requirements are set by the business, they might not see the data warehouse until it is finished some months later. By then a change request is a huge deal and will take weeks or months of changes and refactoring.

The switch to Agile methodologies has brought closer business collaboration to IT departments at many successful companies. But without Agile tooling this is all talk, and as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.

This presentation show you how to:

• Deliver projects faster: Reduce time to production by 80% with automated DW design
• Create IT advocates: Test ideas and iterate DW design with business users earlier
• Know your data: Speed up discovery, profiling and documentation of data sources

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