In Unlocking Data Vault part 1 we looked at how to build a Data Vault and get data in from one source. Now we go one step further and look at getting the right data out.

In this 35-minute live session we will take the raw vault from the first session and: 

  • Extend it with multiple sources
  • Add business logic into computed satellites
  • Add point-in-time tables
  • Generate an information mart on top

This webinar is presented in partnership with European partner/Data Vault experts, Scalefree. It is suitable for data warehouse developers, data architects, IT management staff, CIOs/CTOs and data warehouse/Data Vault business users.

It suits those either looking to switch to Data Vault or to extract more value from their existing Data Vault investment.


Michael Olschimke (Data Vault 2.0 trainer and co-author of Dan Linstedt's book "Building a Scalable Data Warehouse with Data Vault 2.0")

Mark van der Heijden (Senior Solutions Architect EMEA at WhereScape)